Iran Petrochemical Co Introduction

Iran Petrochemical Co is manufacturing and supplying various Granule plastics for varied applications accordance the international quality standards in Iran. Granule Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) is one of the most popular plastics used in Iran and across the world that has widely range of use in various industrial, commercial and institutional applications. We are trying to manufacturing granule plastics with high quality because we want to be our products optimal performance and effective in the global markets. 

Iran LLDPE Granule Quality

Iran LLDPE Granules are supplying from raw materials with best quality and high grade that are sourced from reliable manufacturers in the market. Quality plastic is used in the processing industries so can be an excellent and competitive substitute for other materials in manufacturing. These granules are tested for quality according to stringent quality control mechanisms and are available in various sizes and colors at market. Iran LLDPE granules quality is high and has special properties including: purity, high strength, effectiveness, precise pH value, temperature control factors, durability and etc.

Iran LLDPE Granule Properties

  • Gender: Iran LLDPE Granule has High compressive strength, durability. And it also has thermal stability, good tensile strength, flexibility and stiff.   
  • High Flexibility: Iran LLDPE granule gender is hard and stiff but it is pure and easily modifiable. So we can say LLDPE granules are easily affordable.
  • Melting Point: Iran LLDPE Granule melting point is about 110 °C (230 °F).
  • Life Long: Iran LLDPE Granules are lifelong because they have unique properties including: extremely strong, durable, flexible and resistant against as weather, corrosion, chemical, insects and rot.

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