Common Values
Common Values

Iran Petrochemical Co directors, employees and scientists choice and act these values to create a better future for the company development.

  • Continuous development based on creativity and innovation in all aspects of the organization in order to get a successful and competitive company that growing and excellence with continuous added value.
  • Improve organizational vitality with emphasis on motivation and dignity of human capital, creating a healthy working environment, safe, full of respect, trust and confidence and without any discrimination, to the development of appropriate organizational capacities and promote their abilities, especially with the establishment of an efficient system of meritocracy.
  • customer orientation with a focus on alive and bilateral interactions to create more satisfied customers by improving service quality, product variety, reasonable price, timely delivery and enhance the credibility and reputation.
  • social responsibility with a focus on clean production in order to protect the environment and playing an effective role in the implementation of national development and global interaction